Specialities of Master Terry

  • Coaching a simple way of Activation of the Chakras in line with the Reiki frequency for both children and adults.
  • Children Pre-Exams Stress Tension Insecurity Fear Factor STIFF© Therapy
  • Long Distant Healing Services
  • Business Enhancement Services
  • Properties Cleansing & Harmonizing Services
  • Psychic readings of Subconscious Expressions through Art pieces drawn by Reiki students.
  • Simplified aura or energy readings of students, clients or the curious public using L~Aura Energy Detecting Tool.
  • Mudras or finger connection yoga for healing purposes.
  • Wide ranges of "Energized products" such as Energized Attuned Wish Boxes, Energized Auric Crystal Oil, Energized Nutritional & Herbal Products, Energy Cards, Energized Pyramids, etc.
  • Using NES System (UK), ), the latest Quantum physics Scientific technology to scan body health, the fastest system that takes less than 10 seconds for a comprehensive revelation of your status at the physical body, psyche, meridian, allergy, environmental pollution, muscle skeletal, nutrition levels, etc .
  • Prestige Lifestyle Club (PLC). Working alongside with Dr Amir Farid, Malaysia's leading Anti-Aging Guru on how to Stay Young, Beautiful, Slimming, Healthy & Wealthy
  • 3-in-1 DIY Health Therapy workshop
  • Dendrographology. Personality & Character Reading through tree reading.
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