Other Classes Available

Reiki Classes for Children*** (5 to 17 years old) - 1 day course each for Level 1 and 2

  • Please contact Master Terry for the energy exchange fee.

A practical course to enable children to do self-healing (and even treating others including pets)

*** Plus Balloon Sculpturing workshop worth RM88 for 6 designs

Free Unlimited Revision for all graduates!

L'Aura Energy Detecting Rod (EDT) Workshop (3 hours) RM398 inclusive of course materials and a full set of EDT tools and Energy box.

An amazing practical training on how to read energy on animate and inanimate objects. Discover further on whether the energy in your home / office / surrounding is positive or not. Have fun during parties. All these revealed to you during the training.

No prior healing qualification is required to attend this workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to detect energy, identify positive positions for business or family harmony, checking the characters of a person, read the health status on all levels, lie detection, locate misplaced items, etc. A set of L'Aura EDT, instruction leaflet and an exclusive energy wish box to house the EDT tools is included. Bonus training on making powerful affirmation to achieve your goals and wishes and how to use the wish box will be revealed.

For next class schedule, please call Master Terry @ (6) 012-222 2278 or email: info@reiki.com.my for details.

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