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Spiritual Background

My spiritual journey began when I was 18 years old. I was introduced to the mystical practice of Thai Buddhism. My first Spiritual teacher was Master Ang and I gained tremendous insights on the intricate practice of Thai Buddhism, connecting to the Higher Spiritual Guides and getting inspiring spiritual experiences.

My next progressive journey into the Higher Realms came when I was introduced to Kundalini yoga meditation in 1987.

Upon arrival at the hill-top meditation centre I was met on arrival by the principal Guru (Master) Sankaran, the destined Master that I surrendered myself to. All my suspicions and negativity just melted away, the moment our eyes met. He was so full of compassion and spiritual love that from that moment onwards I knew he was the chosen Guru (Master) for me.

The moment I got my first initiation from Guru Shankaran, I could feel the Kundalini sakthi from my root chakra flow upwards the spinal column to land at the pineal gland or the third eye's energy centre. For the next 2 weeks, I could feel the strong pulsation at my 'third eye' even when I was not in meditation pose.

Through this yoga practice for the last 19 years (1987 to 2006), I gained more heightened spiritual consciousness and connection to the Universe. My spiritual awareness, intuition, wisdom and compassion grew immensely.

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